Tuesday, December 30, 2008

happy holidays

merry christmas!
this will be my last blog post of the year so i'll make it a long one with all the nice details of my christmas vacation.

i took my first plane ride to visit nana and grandpa in connecticut. airplanes are huge!

i'm going as carry on because mommy didn't buy me a ticket. i have to make sure i fit.

I'm going to have to sit still for how long!!?

it wasn't so bad after all. i crawled around and picked up some trash for a bit, pulled everything out of the seat pocket and put it back in several dozen times...
then i took a nap...
...watched some dora...
got off the plane for some lunch and romp around a new airport. got on another plane...
...took another nap... and then we were there!
nobody told me it was going to be so COLD. good thing grandpa came prepared with a big puffy jacket.
i barely made it back to the house. knackered from a day of traveling!
the next day i got to play with my first snow. nana started me off with a scoop from the back porch.
then i got bundled up and went outside...
it was a little weird at first, but i liked stomping through it and making holes in the thick white ground
then nana and i made cookies. i was a very good helper
i also helped tug on all the ornaments to make sure they were on tight enough. most of them were not.
we had christmas eve dinner at pete and connie's. cousin francis brought me a drink
we had so many presents under the tree!
but i really didn't care what was inside of them. i was just trying to see how many bows i could stick on my head.
how's this for a look. i may be onto something here...
went back out to play in the snow. i'm really starting to like this.
took a stroll in the backyard
helped daddy make a snowman
and tried to catch snowflakes on my tongue.
i tried to patronize grandpa's reading, but i just couldn't help it.
renee hooked me up with some awesome winter styles. don't i look good?
went out for a wander in the snow with grandpa
grandpa is fun. he taught me how to spit on people.
we took a drive to amherst to visit cousin declan and malcolm. we had fun jumping in the crib
we started a band. look out for us in your town

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Love December!

It’s a little cold, but I get to wear all kinds of coats! Our heater is broken so I get to wear them inside too!

And Mommy takes me to the Pancake House

Then I sleep in the car while mommy shops.

Don’t worry, daddy stays with me and reads a book.

Playing at home with daddy and Hop-On-Pop

Then we went to the Peking Wok

Gong-Gong came out to play!

Back at home it’s still really cold, and there was so much rain!

But Daddy spins me around to keep warm.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

shadows, trash and hair

there's someone else besides mom that follows me around all day. mommy and daddy call her 'shadow' and i'm not so sure i trust her.
slowly but surely, i'll be able to tie a ponytail. maybe not today

my newfound joy: crawling under things. anything i can fit under
...and my favorite old pastime: digging in the trash

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dance, dance, dance!

I've been working hard on my dance moves.
I think my new dance pants from maddie & anna really help! check it out...