Thursday, June 19, 2008

weeks of birthdays!

it's my birthday today! i don't get a party until we move into our new house, and mom and dad feel guilty about it, but the truth is, i'll get to make my birthday last for weeks. it started out with a happy birthday song from grandpa and a pile of pancakes!

daddy left for china last week, so he missed my birthday- that means i get more birthday reparations when he comes home!

and then the mailman brought a present from cousin francis!

then auntie mae and kimlan took me to a chinese buffet for lunch.
i got to eat everything!

then i got to drive a trolley and play till i was pooped at the mall.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

dancing machine

check out my new ride. we cruise around the block and i blast the tunes every day. thanks nana and grandpa!!

Monday, June 9, 2008


i had a bit of a growth spurt last month.
most of my clothes don't fit me anymore!

I'm dancing on our new toilets. can't wait to get into our new house.
just a few more weeks!

there are lemons at our new house. they taste kind of funny

i went to lots of new places.
daddy showed me how to use the computer at the library...
...mommy and i picked flowers at the park...
...we watched pelicans eat fish at the wild animal park......i found a balloon at the chocolate street fair. then it flew away...
...i drove daddy in a firetruck at the mall...
...and had a blast at chuck e cheese!