Sunday, August 31, 2008

end of summer

I've been hanging out in the backyard a lot lately, just trying to enjoy the rest of summer before it's over. i climb in the wagon, then out, and then back in. it's fun. you should come over and do it sometime.

went to the wild animal park with parker.
i've never faced forward in the car before! it's so much more exciting.

it may be the end of summer, but this was one of the hottest days i've seen. hurry up and take this picture so i can crawl back into my stroller!

still not sure what to think of the animals... i'll just keep a safe distance

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


we finally had our housewarming, even though the house is not quite finished. i helped clean up for the party.

i also helped put some plants into pots, but i couldn't resist taking the rocks back out.

one of my new favorite things to do is climb into things. this basket fits rather nicely.

the toybox was fun too. i sat in here for almost an hour.

Parker came to the housewarming, i was in a much better mood this time.

this is still my favorite doll from aunty heather

i ate this nectarine in 4 bites. i love fruit.

i got cupcakes for my late birthday party! (which was also the housewarming party)

Monday, August 18, 2008

baby's first catheter

woke up from my evening nap with a burning fever on thursday. parker came to play so i tried not to complain too much. mommy finally took my temperature on friday and it was 104 so she took me to the emergency room. they gave me some medicine and that made me happy, until everyone started to stick things in my mouth, ears and other awful places. then they needed a pee sample... and they couldn't just ask me to pee in a cup!

the lady said i had an ear infection and my throat looked bad. she gave me penicillin. mom and dad gave me a cocktail of penicillin, tylenol and motrin for a few days and almost took me back to the hospital again because my fever wouldn't go away. then i broke out in bright red hives all over so they stopped giving me drugs until i could go see my doctor Stein on monday. he says i never had an ear infection and my throat looked lovely and that the hives could be an allergic rash. he said to stop giving me medicine. i love doctor Stein. I'm fine now

Thursday, August 7, 2008

grandpa's visit

after nana went home, grandpa came out to play.we took a walk at the pier. the waves were mesmerizing

i love pushing my own stroller.
now if i can only figure out how to ride it at the same time...
grandpa took us out to lunch.
this is me and daddy after a pitcher of margaritas.
i love feeding grandpa. he eats everything!
piggy back rides are the best!

we had a little sullivan gathering that week.
the Hawaii's came to see my new house, sean and brenda were there, and mike and lee came by the day before! i didn't get to meet cousin evie though. she stayed in san francisco.